Martial arts have become hugely popular the world over as a form of sport, leisure and meditation. They have been embraced and adopted in Western civilization and their worldwide popularity can be found from the fact that there are martial arts in global events such as the Olympic Games. Muay Thai is an offshoot of those arts which has effectively taken on a life of its own in a variety of states and remains a popular way to stay healthy and expertise Eastern culture regularly.

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Individuals that are new to the game may best describe it as a sort of kickboxing although there are quite a few other elements to take into account. Taken in the Sanskrit terms Maya Tai, the words muay thai camp thailand literally means the artwork of 8 limbs. The sport uses the whole body through combined routines of kicking, punching, elbowing and attacking with the knees. In western boxing, the hands play the largest role and in western kickboxing the toes will become a factor but the joints are not as prevalent. Both Muay Thai and kickboxing have had a profound impact on each other.

The beauty of going back to the origin is the old habits are still remembered and you will learn authentic moves which are less affected by western kickboxing. Likewise, your coaches place an emphasis on the first artwork and preserving tradition and you will have more of a meaningful experience learning Muay Thai in this manner.

Since martial arts are so well known in the East, people are practicing them from a young age and your coaches will be extremely experienced in the art and so able to provide you the best instruction about the best way best to improve your form and learn the game. Many dodos will welcome foreigners, although there are a few who are uncomfortable sharing their knowledge and experience with the ‘West’. These are few and far between because most coaches see a love for the game or a desire to learn compared to an individual’s origins.

Here are some choices: Horizon Muay Thai Boxing Camp is an amazing way to get into the swing of things. They will accept anybody from around the world using the means and the desire to learn Muay Thai. One of the terrific things about this gym is that you will be practicing Muay Thai from the most beautiful surrounds. In martial arts there is the notion of being at one with something besides yourself, usually a sort of energy you will access and the location of the gym will play a part in this. This gym offers a range of packages so you can personalise your stay and your time studying there.