electricity cost calculator singapore

You may not be aware that electricity cost calculator singapore has risen for a sixth straight quarter. With the recent power price increase, SP Group’s regulated electricity tariff for the year 1 July 2022 to 30 September 2022 is now 32.28 cents per kWh (incl. GST).

However, the increase in Singapore’s power pricing is not limited to homes and companies that utilize SP Services. OEM (Open Electricity Market) merchants are also impacted. This is why OEM power plans had their costs raised, to the chagrin of customers such as you and me.

Users may choose a total of 8 electricity companies in the OEM.

Before you get into an Electrical Supply Contract with an electricity retailer, the Energy Market Authority (EMA) mandates the retailer to furnish you with this Fact Sheet. This Fact Sheet contains important contract information.

  • The electrical retailer must respond to any queries you may have regarding this Fact Sheet.
  • All fees included in this Fact Sheet, unless otherwise noted, include the Goods and Services Tax (GST).
  • If the GST rate changes during the contract period, the power retailer maintains the right to alter the applicable fees and taxes must include the current GST rate.

 A digital meter capable of tracking your power use every half-hour is known as an advanced meter. Installing an advanced meter to measure the half-hourly power use is optional unless the pricing plan that signs up for demands it.These Standard Price Plans need not necessitate the use of an advanced meter.